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Recommendation of Hagaon chief Rabbi Yonah Metzger shlit"a


16 Kislev 5768

Dear R Oren Shkalim

Your questions have reached me and I enjoyed reading them.

The truth is, I have already thought about this subject after I was asked if a comerce site owner can leave the site open on Shabbat,
and I worte an answer containing the essence of the prohibitions and the sources for it
and I concluded it should not be allowed, I hereby include the answer for your review.
The prohibitions you mentioned in context with leaving a site open on Shabbat are true, though some cases bring up only part of them.

The solution you offered sounds excellent, and if it can be done as you said, it is a great Mitzva to promote it,
since many do not stand the trial of closing the site on Shabbat,
and many others who close the site according to their place, and unwillingly cause others to violate Torah while entering the site when they are in Shabbat and the site is open.
The use itself is also Sur Mera - from all mentioned prohibitions,
and also Ase tov - all the Mitzvot you mentioned, when the first is of course removing an obsticle, and it includes Kiddush Hashem.

I would be glad to speak more on this issue,
but time doesn't allow it.
I bless you that the merit of observing Shabbat will give you blessings in everything.
Writing and siging for Shabbat,
Yonah Metzger
Chief Rabbi of Israel

ื‘ื ื™ื™ืช ืืชืจื™ื - ืฉืงืœื™ื ื™ื–ืžื•ืช ืื™ื ื˜ืจื ื˜  ืฉืงืœื™ื - ื™ื–ืžื•ืช ืื™ื ื˜ืจื ื˜
ืกื’ื™ืจืช ืืชืจื™ื ื‘ืฉื‘ืช ื•ื™ื•ื ื˜ื•ื‘ | ืืชืจ ืฉื•ืžืจ ืฉื‘ืช | ืฉื•ืžืจ ืฉื‘ืก | ืกื’ื™ืจืช ืืชืจ ื‘ืฉื‘ืช | ืžื‘ื™ืช "ืžืคืขืœ ื”ืœื›ื” ื‘ืจืฉืช"